How to Get the Proper Leads

How to Get the Proper Leads

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How to Get the Proper Leads More Details

25 minute lesson on getting correct leads.

You will learn 1-2 very specific exercises that will improve your riding skills or training of your horse.

"I have just received the Private Lessons DVD "How to get the proper leads" today. I watched it as soon as I opened the package. It is great! It will go well with the two private lessons that I ordered, as you mentioned them at the beginning of the lesson.

I will be setting up my cones and poles on friday as you have set them. I will use them for both Tim and Lady (our Clyde mare). Lady and I have an occasional laps of memory when it comes to getting leads (I trust Tim way too much when it comes to correct leads).

Thank you for these lessons! I love the way you break down the exercises into segments. It is so helpful and makes it easy for me to understand."


Linda Goyette

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