Trail Ability Series

Trail Ability Series

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Lynn Palm has always incorporated training on the trail in her horsesí daily training routines, especially with her show horses. Itís no surprise that in her new 5 part DVD series, Trail Ability, Palm offers tips for confidence, trust, understanding and reading horse behaviors and skill building for recreational riders of all levels incorporating natural obstacles both in hand and under saddle. Training with obstacles will also refresh show horsesí minds. Palmís simple techniques will build confident horses and riders while trail riding and controlling horses over natural obstacles. This allows riders to feel safe and have lots of fun! In this series, Palm addresses horses that are fearful of bridges and water. Additionally, she shows solutions for those who are having trouble controlling speed going up and down hills. Palm also demonstrates how to handle those spooking at banks or logs. By covering most common challenges that riders encounter on the trail, Palm has given riders the tools to improve their riding skills and the Trail Ability of their horses at the same time.

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