Dressage Principles Volume II Part 1 DD

Dressage Principles Volume II Part 1 DD

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Dressage Principles Volume II Part 1 DD More Details

In Part 1, "Basic Lateral Training" builds a solid foundation for achieving success at lateral work to improve the horse's self carriage and collection. You will use your aids with more lightness to control each part of the horse's body so he responds without force or resistance. We will troubleshoot potential problems and demonstrate how to solve them using Palm Partnership Training's gentle training techniques. You will learn how to correctly execute these building block maneuvers:

Turn on The Forehand: teaches the horse to move away from pressure which is necessary for him to respond to the rider's leg aids. It also controls his forehand.

Leg Yielding: teaches the horse to independently use and control his shoulders and hindquarters. Leg yielding is the basis for lateral movements required in trail classes, horsemanship/equitation patterns, dressage tests and flying lead changes. Yielding is an excellent exercise for muscle development and stretching. This is a great exercise during warm-up for both rider and horse.

Lateral work is more than teaching the horse to "go sideways." Lateral movements are physical and mental gymnastics for both horse and rider … and they are fun too! Each lateral movement progressively builds the strength, suppleness, and balance the horse needs to "engage" his hindquarters. Lateral work will improve the horse's straightness and his ability to naturally collect in response to the rider's lightest aids. Forget the gimmicks and shortcuts … the classic training techniques offered in Dressage Principles Volume II, "Basic Lateral Training," will give you the real key to progressing to higher levels of responsiveness, collection and self-carriage in your horse.
-- Have Fun!

Time: 90 minutes

Customer Testimonial "I bought the tapes on lateral training while I was there and the first time I went riding with my instructor Julie, when I returned home, Julie said I should start working on lateral moves. And she didn't even know I had just got the tapes. What good timing! I watched the first tape last night for the second time and picked up several things I didn't do correct. Next time I will be better thanks to Lynn's tapes!"
Cyndi Malphrus

LYNN RECOMMENDS: This series is the successor to Dressage Principles Volume I. Each lateral movement in this series is demonstrated in both the English and Western saddle and is absolutely necessary to build the horse’s correct balance for collection. Part 1 teaches proper responses to the leg and rein aids while moving laterally. Parts 2 and 3 will build upon Part 1 with increased difficulty and lateral movement. Each part also demonstrates troubleshooting for common problems of horse and rider. This series is not for the beginner, but for the rider seeking lighter responses and advanced collection.

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