Winning Ways with Western Dressage Series

Winning Ways with Western Dressage Zoom Series

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Winning Ways with Western Dressage Zoom Series More Details

Join Lynn as she shares some of the many topics covered in her Winning Ways with Western Dressage weekends throughout the country. Listen as she presents her perspectives as a judge, trainer, coach, instructor and competitor. To ask Lynn questions, attend live or view the recording later.

January How Dressage Will Help Your Horse with Any Discipline or Event

February Improve Your Position and Balance

March Riding Back to Front: Correct Use of Aids

April Forward + Straight = Balance

May Geometry, Walking the Arena

June Transitions Between and In Gaits

July Riding the Appropriate Level for Your and Your Horse

August Show Ring Turnout for You and Your Horse

September The Competitive Edge

October How to Advance to the Next Level

November Similarities to Western, Ranch Riding and English Pattern Classes

December How to Help Grow the Western Dressage Community

Presentation followed by Question and Answer. Recordings will be available for viewing post meetings.

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