Finding Your Superhorse Zoom Series

Finding Your Superhorse Zoom Series

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Finding Your Superhorse Zoom Series More Details

Stories of experience in horse and rider training infused with inspiration for anyone with any breed of any discipline to enjoy, join Lynn as she shares how you too can find your superhorse! To ask Lynn questions, attend live or view the recording later.

January Choosing Your Instructor/Coach/Trainer

February Choosing the Suitable Horse for You and Your Goals

March Building Manners & Obedience: In Hand and At Liberty

April Building Manners & Obedience: Longeing

May Lessons in Longevity for Your Horse's Performance

June The Better Your Ride the Better Your Horse Performs

July The Competitive Edge

August Overcome Challenges

September The Competitive Edge

October The Horse in Sport

November Respect & Understanding of the Horse

December Stay Active, Give Back

Presentation followed by Question and Answer. Recordings may be obtained for viewing later.

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