Video Critique

Video Critique

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Train Long Distance by Video Critique

Content can be at home training or competition. A detailed email report will include a thorough evaluation of rider's balance effective use of aids and horse's self-carriage and balance. The critique will include proposed training exercises for horse and rider. Lynn and Cyril will help set goals will be set to achieve before the next video critique.

A video from competition including but not limited to: Dressage Test, Ranch Pattern, Course over Fences, Trail Obstacles

Send no more than 10 minutes of video via youtube, vimeo or google share. Video must be clear, free of audio, and have the horse and rider as main focus. Zooming to keep horse and rider in center of screen is preferred. Complete directions for video submission will be sent via email from

Karen from Ohio was so pleased with her video critiques! "When anybody ever asks me why we donít have a trainer I tell them because we can do this ourselves as we have our own place. When people ask me why I donít have my tests read I tell them that we got into dressage to stimulate our senior brains. After all of that back and forth I always add that I have had TWO riding lessons in my life and those are from you {Lynn}. I go on to tell them about the 9 page video critiques and the follow up. I tell them how you reference your book and when I go back and read those sections the lesson and the information take on a deeper meaning. I also tell them that some of the best money Iíve ever spent with horses has been now at the age of 63 having two video reviews with you!"

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