Exercises for Equestrians - Part 1

Exercises for Equestrians - Part 1

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Exercises for Equestrians - Part 1: Basics... Balance and Relaxation

In Part 1, I will give you basic stretching exercises to do before riding and while riding under saddle. They are for all levels of riders. Start here before you progress to more challenging exercises in Parts 2 and 3. In this DVD you will find exercises for stretching the back muscles and upper leg muscles to gain more flexibility in the hip, knee, and ankle joints. These areas are most essential to improve balance or just to loosen up and allow relaxation!

The exercises are not designed for the very beginner rider. You have to be able to maintain basic balance at the walk and trot and know how to turn and stop. The ground stretching exercises will help everyone! Have lots of fun doing these exercises!


Time: 35 minutes

LYNN RECOMMENDS: This is a series for all riders to improve balance, comfort and coordination. Over 90 different exercises are featured both on the ground and under saddle. Part 1 is great to improve balance and relaxation while Part 2 stretches and strengthens muscles. Part 3 focuses on increased flexibility. This series will benefit all riders—from the recreational rider to the show ring competitor!

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