Dressage Principles Volume I - Part 2 DD

Dressage Principles Volume I - Part 2 DD

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Dressage Principles Volume I - Part 2 DD More Details

Part 2: Aids Communication... A Key to Success

The effective use of your aids is the first step to building a willing and responsive horse. The aids that we use are not complicated for the rider and horse to understand. The challenge is coordinating the aids with the action or movement of the horse to elicit the correct response. This DVD will give you exercises and explain in detail the use of seat, leg and hand aids which work naturally with the horse. You will also learn how to use these aids in accordance with each stage of your horse's training.

COMMUNICATION is the KEY TO SUCCESS. There is nothing more fun than riding and training with an understanding of how to communicate with your horse, and have your horse respond happily! AIDS COMMUNICATION will show you how to teach your horse to respond more willingly without using force. This tape will be the beginning of building a relationship with your horse that will last for many years. In mastering these training principles, you will understand that this is the only way to build unity and bond together with your horse.

Time: 51 minutes.

LYNN RECOMMENDS: This series is recommended for all riders regardless of skill level or riding interest. Part 1 will assist the beginning rider in finding his balance or the more advanced rider in achieving perfect balance. Part 2 will hone the rider’s aids communication including the use of the seat, leg and rein aids. With the proper use of the natural aids, the horse will respond with lightness, acceptance and confidence. Parts 3, 4 and 5 apply to training a young horse under saddle or retraining an older horse to respond with more confidence and control. Part 3 is a great introduction to taking proper leads and the canter itself. Part 4 is great to improve transitions and speed control in all three gaits. Part 5 will begin and advance collection with lateral training, counter canter and simple and flying lead changes. Dressage Principles for the Western Horse and Rider demonstrates the epitome of Palm Partnership Training—using Dressage Principles for all breeds of horses and all levels of riders.

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