Longevity Training - Part 4 DD

Longevity Training - Part 4 DD

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Part 4: Working at Liberty and Ponying

The work at liberty is a great opportunity for your horse to have fun! It is also an excellent source of exercise and body development. Lynn will show you in this DVD how you can teach your horse to walk, trot, canter and stop on voice command. She will teach you how to exercise your horse in a quiet and balanced manner. Lynn will also explain how to use the work at liberty to analyze the horse's temperament, personality, athletic abilities and quality of movement.

Working at liberty is an essential part of the well being and advancement of your horse's training.

Ponying is great for many reasons! The older horse will teach the younger inexperienced or spooky horse to accept new surroundings. It is great for conditioning and excellent to develop the horse's muscles. If you have a horse that has difficulty being around other horses, ponying is a great way to make him more sociable! It also provides the horse with variety in his training routine. Too often we do the same thing everyday, leading to a bored horse. This DVD can be a true gift for your horse! Bring variety and fun but also training, conditioning and fitness into your horse's daily regimen. You'll love this DVD!

Time: 50 minutes

LYNN RECOMMENDS: This series compliments the Dressage Principles Volume I Series if you are training a young horse from the beginning on the ground and under saddle. Parts 1-3 can be used for a weanling, yearling and two year old. Parts 4-6 are geared more toward the 2 and 3 year old horses. However, the whole series can be used to retrain an older horse. The Longevity Training on the ground relates to everything needed under saddle to improve the horse’s training.

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