Longevity Training - Part 3 DD

Longevity Training - Part 3 DD

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Longevity Training - Part 3 DD More Details

Part 3: Working in Hand

In this DVD Lynn will show you how to lead (walk and trot), stop, back, turn and square the legs, all from both sides of the horse. She will also demonstrate how to execute a turn on the forehand, a turn on the haunches and yielding.

Lynn uses simple and non-forceful techniques to ensure her horse's willingness and happiness while working. This video offers clear explanations, freeze frames and lists of key points, giving you a perfect understanding of how to work with your horse "In Hand". You will also learn to read your horse and recognize the quality of his responses. The benefits of the "work in hand" are tremendous!

This DVD is a must for not only training your horse, but for training yourself as well! Whatever age or breed of horse you are working with, learning to harmonize with your horse on the ground will be great fun!

Time: 50 minutes

LYNN RECOMMENDS: This series compliments the Dressage Principles Volume I Series if you are training a young horse from the beginning on the ground and under saddle. Parts 1-3 can be used for a weanling, yearling and two year old. Parts 4-6 are geared more toward the 2 and 3 year old horses. However, the whole series can be used to retrain an older horse. The Longevity Training on the ground relates to everything needed under saddle to improve the horse’s training.

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